Old Catton

Clerk’s Report – 14th March 2017 to 10th April 2017

The office is ensuring that all health and safety documentation is up to date. This is an ongoing item due to the complexity of the work and the need for constant review to ensure we are acting legally.

The office has been dealing with all enquiries relating to highways and resident’s concerns and reporting them to the correct authority accordingly.

The new Parish Council website is now live and up to date and can be accessed through The office has received training to be able to update the website themselves.

All items relating to the March council meeting have been dealt with by the office.

The Clerk has been dealing with the paperwork relating to staff appraisals that will take place at the beginning of May.

The office planning database has been updated.

All staff wages and pension contributions for March have been dealt with.

The Clerk has attended a webinar with HMRC to deal with what’s new for 2017.

A press release was sent to the EDP following the Village Tidy Up that took place on 19th March.

The Clerk has written to each member of staff with regard to their pay and pension contributions for the new financial year.

The Clerk has completed and processed the quarterly Tax, NI, Pensions and VAT returns along with the annual Pensions return.

A staff meeting was held on 22nd March.

The Clerk attended the Norfolk Parish Training & Support’s People Skills and Councillor Governance Seminar on
Tuesday 21st March 2017.

The training session on how to effectively communicate with your community that the Clerk was due to attend has been cancelled.

Notification from Broadland District Council has been received to state that the planning application for Plot 9 St. Faiths Road has been withdrawn.

The Clerk and Deputy Clerk are currently undertaking NVQ’s with Positive Outcomes. The NVQ’s are government funded. We have received notice that Positive Outcomes have gone into administration and that Government are working hard to find us an alternative provider to carry us through the remainder of the NVQ.

Following approval of the facility agreement for the CIL loan the full £59,000 has been drawn down to the Parish Council. All works to do with the loan are now going ahead and full speed.

Peninsula Business Services: -
Peninsula emailed me on 18th, 28th and 30th March reminding me of Health and Safety tasks that need completing.
I have used the HR online system to log staff holiday requests, lieu and appointments in this period.
Peninsula have contacted me to say that there will be significant changes to the Data Protection Act in May 2018 and that they will guide me through the process when the time comes.
Peninsula offered me advice and support with regard to supporting staff who may have been affected by the Westminster attack.
Peninsula have sent me emails regarding Webinar training that is free of charge to existing clients and I am therefore booked onto or have attended the following webinars: -
• 13th March 2017 at 10.30am – Performance Management
• 21st March at 11.00am – What’s New in Employment Law
• 4th April at 3.30pm – Handling Disciplinary & Dismissal Processes
• 5th April at 10.30am – Employee complaints – How to handle grievances
• 15th May at 11am – Contracts of Employment: The Basics

Produced by Melanie Eversfield, Clerk to Old Catton Parish Council