Old Catton

Clerk’s Report – 11th April 2017 to 8th May 2017

The office is ensuring that all health and safety documentation is up to date. This is an ongoing item due to the complexity of the work and the need for constant review to ensure we are acting legally.

The office planning database has been updated.

All staff wages and pension contributions for April have been dealt with.

The Clerk attended the Society of Local Council Clerks Norfolk Branch Training Day on Friday 21st April at Weston Longville. At this meeting she received updates on the SLCC Norfolk Branch rules, the Local Government Transparency Code 2015 and the amended Governance and Accountability for Local Councils Practitioners Guide for 2017/2018. There was also interactive sessions on Year End and Audit including audit arrangements from 2017/2018 onwards, the Facts and Fiction on Charitable Trusts and helpful hints for dealing with different issues that Clerks and Council may face on a day to day basis.

I can confirm that both TRODS at Swansgate and Woodham Leas are now complete.

I am pleased to report that the re-surfacing of the over 9’s play equipment and fitness equipment has taken place following approval of the CIL Loan.

On Wednesday 3rd May the Clerk undertook all staff appraisals.

The Clerk’s office has received a number of complaints with regard to the cars parking at the bottom of Church Street that are undertaking building work to some houses in this vicinity. The Clerk has been liaising closely with the Police to ensure that this does not become too much of an issue and has offered use of the Recreation Ground car park.

The planning application for Plot 3 on St. Faiths Road has been withdrawn.
The planning application for Plot 2 on St. Faiths Road has been granted and a copy of the Planning Officers report and associated paperwork will be held in the Clerk’s office.
The Deputy Clerk attended the planning meeting on 12th April on behalf of the Parish Council and spoke with regard to the planning application for Repton House, a copy of her report is attached to the document.

Peninsula Business Services: -
Peninsula emailed me 6 times during the month reminding me of Health and Safety tasks that need completing.
I have used the HR online system to log staff holiday requests and appointments in this period.
Peninsula have emailed me with regard to changes in employment legislation.
Peninsula have sent me emails regarding Webinar training that is free of charge to existing clients and I am therefore booked onto or have attended the following webinars: -
• 26th April at 12.30pm – Managing Social Media Use in your Organisation
• 5th May at 12.30pm – Rights for Employees when they have a baby
• 12th May at 11am – How to Manage Misconduct and Discipline
• 15th May at 11am – Contracts of Employment: The Basics
• 14th September at 12.30pm – Understanding Annual Leave Entitlements

Produced by Melanie Eversfield, Clerk to Old Catton Parish Council