Old Catton PostOld Catton Parish Council is joining a handful of other
councils that offer the award amongst their own community, in honouring any resident of Old Catton that is considered to have given voluntary services of a diverse and outstanding nature to the community either of great distinction or over a long period of time and
who has made a considerable beneficial contribution to the life of the community.

Who qualifies for the award?
Any resident living in the Parish of Old Catton.

How can you nominate someone for the award? 
The nomination is submitted in strict confidence, without the knowledge of the nominee, simply by writing a letter to the Clerk to the Council. Four residents will be required, in addition to the proposer, who live in the Parish of Old Catton, to write independent supporting letters.

What are the details required for a nomination?
Details of what that person has done for the community of Old Catton. Giving the activities of the nominee, the positions held, length of time of the activity or activities and any other information which may be helpful in adjudicating the merits of the nomination. It is only on the information contained in these letters that the nomination will be considered.

How will the nomination be decided?
Each nomination will be considered in turn and a vote by paper ballot will be taken after each debate, before moving to the next nomination. A simple count of the voting slips will be made and two votes against would reject the nomination.

Will the person who has been nominated be notified of the result?
If the nomination is successful the recipient will be notified by the Clerk to the Council. If the nomination is unsuccessful, then only you as the proposer will be notified by the Clerk to the Council.

Can a nomination be resubmitted?
Yes. A nomination may be resubmitted in subsequent years but the same procedure must be followed.

AwardAll nominations will be treated with strict confidentiality throughout the process until the
award has been announced.

Do you know someone who deserves this award?
Nominate & let them know their appreciation.