Old Catton
Neighbourhood Plans were introduced by central Government through its Localism Act to allow communities to have more say in its developments that take place in the area and where they live. A plan generally relates to the use of land and development; setting out planning policies to guide development, allocate and protect sites for specific purposes.
The plan is used when deciding on local planning applications. The plan is something that developers MUST take into account when submitting planning applications and respect the views of local residents.

With the help of many local residents over the last year the Neighbourhood Plan for Old Catton has been developed on the views of the local community.  The plan will make such a big difference to Old Catton by:

  • Protecting our open green spaces;
  • Making developers improve house design and reduce the impact of traffic;
  • Bringing extra funds and money into Old Catton to be spent in Old Catton.

The Neighbourhood Plan was formally adopted by Broadland District Council, at its Council Meeting on Tuesday 26th July 2016, and now forms part of the Local Plan. 

You can see more about the Neighbourhood Plan Here