Clerk’s Report - 15th August 2017 to 11th September 2017

Policies and Procedures
The office is still in the process of producing folders of procedures for all job roles to ensure smooth transitioning of workload whenever it may be needed.
The office is still in the process of producing a record of what is kept in the filing cabinets for ease of access and use. The record for what is kept in the Archives in now complete.
The report from the Clerk following her attendance at the Leadership in Action Seminar is attached to the official report.

Highways and various matters
The latest SAM2 report has now been downloaded and a copy of which is attached to my official report. You will note that the figures may seem low but this is due to school holidays.
Following on from the Council’s comments made at the last council meeting regarding the Repton Avenue/Meteor Close Link Road I attach comment and further information from Norfolk County Council.
A meeting between Chris Mayes, Karen Vincent, Judy Leggett and the Clerk has taken place with regard to the various Highway matters including the TROD at Woodham Leas. Chris Mayes will be providing the Council with some information with regard to rectifying the problems with the current state of the TROD and I am hopeful that we will have this information for the Parish Council Meeting. It is noted that following this meeting it would be acceptable for the Parish Council Staff to work on detached footpaths but due to various Health and Safety restrictions it would not be acceptable for Staff or Volunteers of the Council to work on the Highway.

Council Responsibilities
Re-painting of the tennis/netball courts has now taken place.
The new basket swing has been ordered for the Over 9’s Play Area and will be installed towards the end of September.
The larger bin and compound at the Cemetery is on hold at present due to problems between Broadland District Council and its contractor. Please be assured that we are chasing this on a weekly basis and will ensure that this project is carried through as soon as possible.
Old Catton Cricket Club have been updated since the last council meeting and I am still awaiting details from the Club with regard to their insurance and position. I have a meeting with the Cricket Club on 6th October.

Volunteer’s for the Community Speed Watch Scheme have now been sourced and verified and specific sites have been approved. We are now awaiting volunteer training.
The Deputy Clerk has met with Chris Mayes from NCC Highways with regard to the possibility of speed reduction measures in Oak Lane and the introduction of ‘No Right Turn’ onto the Ring Road from Oak Lane. She will produce a report for the Council for the night of the Council meeting.

Broadland District Council has sent the Clerk a copy of the summary and analysis of its Neighbourhood Plan survey, of which a copy is attached to my official report.
Councillor Arnott has provided the Clerk with a copy of the Norwich International Airport’s Consultative Committees observations to the Masterplan, of which a copy is attached to my official report.

A letter has been received from Old Catton Cricket Club thanking the Parish Council for its grant of £250.00.
The Clerk has ensured that:
• the wages for August along with the monthly Tax and NI contributions and pension contributions were processed,
• the offices planning database is up to date,
• the Council’s website, Facebook page and Twitter page is up to date,
• further enquiries from the external auditor for the end of year accounts for 2016/2017 are answered,
• the Council’s Freedom of Information Publication Scheme is up to date,
• that the Airport Masterplan Consultation and Open Day is well advertised within the Parish,
• the Clerk’s folder of procedures is current and up to date.

Peninsula Business Services: -
Peninsula emailed me 2 times during the month reminding me of Health and Safety tasks that need completing.
I have used the HR online system to log staff holiday requests and appointments in this period. I have also ensured that all Staff files are up to date.
Peninsula have sent me emails regarding Webinar training that is free of charge to existing clients and I am therefore booked onto the following webinars: -
• 14th September at 12.30pm – Understanding Annual Leave Entitlements

Produced by Melanie Eversfield, Clerk to Old Catton Parish Council