Old Catton Parish Council - Draft Airport Master Plan

Norwich Airport Draft Masterplan

Old Catton Parish Council’s Final Response

Old Catton Parish Council welcomes the publication of the Masterplan; it is most helpful in terms of understanding Norwich Airport’s growth ambitions during the next 30 years. Old Catton Parish Council fully recognises the significant economic impact associated with Norwich Airport and is pleased to see the growth of the Airport creating further employment, education and skill opportunities to the area, along with the many financial benefits it will bring to the area. However, having studied the Masterplan it does raise some concerns and these are outlined below: -

Development proposals to 2030 that we believe will have an impact on the Parish: -
Scheduling of certain flights through to 01:30 up to four days a week in the summer months. The Parish Council is deeply concerned about how this proposal will affect the Parish and its residents. Councillors believe the scheduling of four days a week to be too onerous and that planning would be for seven days a week. Norwich Airport needs to produce some clarity to this proposal. Is it just for landing or for take-off or both? Will there be any restrictions? If so what will they be?

• Car Parking. The Parish Council is once again concerned about the impact of the Airports suggestion to shift away from the reliance on private car journeys to the airport and encourage greater use of public transport and the effect this will have on the Parish. We already see a large number of passengers parking their vehicles within the Parish and utilising the local taxi firms to take them to the Airport for their holiday and the Council believes that this will only increase if this proposal is followed through. The Council also does not believe that there will be a greater use of public transport. The Airport needs to ensure that the development of additional car parking spaces is thoroughly thought through and ensure that it is a viable option to warrant passengers parking in the car parks rather than using Old Catton as its car park. Councillors also wish for consideration to be given to parking sites further away from the airport with the provision of shuttle buses to transport passengers to and from the airport-similar to car parking at other major airports. Councillors believe this will provide passengers with a flexible alternative to public transport which is unreliable.

Development proposals to 2045 that we believe will have an impact on the Parish: -
• 500m extension to the run way to accommodate larger aircraft in the future and consequently the Public Safety Zone will be slightly altered to reflect this. Once again, the Parish Council is deeply concerned about this proposal. We would like to know what mitigation is in place for nearby existing properties if the extension takes place?
Although the plan recognises nearby planned developments, namely Repton Avenue and Beeston Park, there is no mention of how the extension will impact these developments. We are aware that Broadland District Council will have to take this into account and we have raised our concerns with Broadland via our District Councillor.
As part of the Beeston Park development the Parish Council will be implementing a new Recreation Ground and Cricket Pitch and this extension seems to run right through this project. We ask has Norwich Airport actually studied the approved plans for this development at all?
The Masterplan also gives no reference to the East/West Link Road that is proposed for this area?

• Land for future aircraft turning associated with the runway extension. In Figure 9.2 an area of land has been highlighted which looks as if it will come through land owned by the Parish Council. It is unclear on the map as to the impact this will have. No-one has approached the Parish Council about this piece of land and therefore you will be unaware that the land is to be used as an extension to our existing cemetery.
Residents are already concerned by plane fumes from the aircrafts. Residents have raised concerns over the impact of exhaust fumes on nearby properties when planes are turning. We would like to highlight to you that with the developments that are set to take place in this area there will be properties closer to the turning area than currently located.
We are also concerned about the proposal for Crash Gate 6, as once again this looks like it will come through land owned by the Parish Council.


Additional observations
• The Parish Council would like to know why it has not been approached prior to this plan been developed. It is felt that if Norwich Airport had spoken with the Parish Council beforehand it would be better informed of developments within the Parish.

• The Parish Council would like to know how noise from helicopters can be reduced? This is something that residents ask the Council regularly.

• The £10.00 development fee that is currently charged. The Parish Council would like to know how much money has been made to date and what is it being spent on?

• The Parish Council would like to know who will fund these developments?

• It is suggested that Norwich Airport studies Old Catton Neighbourhood Plan in detail. This plan sets out the vision for Old Catton and developers must take our policies into account. The Plan sits alongside Broadland District Councils Local Plan. The plan can be found at www.oldcattonparishcouncil.co.uk/council-information/neighbourhood-plan

• The Parish Council has strong concerns about the traffic implications these developments will have on our already congested roads. How will you mitigate additional impacts to these roads? Namely the A140, Fifers Lane, Norwich Ring Road, feeder roads. Another vital piece of infrastructure which is planned to serve our area is the East-West Link Road which does not appear to be considered at all in this plan. Current access to the Airport is from the Cromer Road but what about when the NDR is built?

In addition to these comments the Parish Council, in conjunction with its County Councillor, held an information open day for Old Catton residents to come and view the Masterplan, ask questions and raise their concerns. It is noted that the majority concerns are the extension of flight times to the early hours of the morning and the additional noise and pollution levels this will create. It is also noted that residents are concerned as to how the £10.00 development fee is being spent on the Airport. It would be helpful to understand how Norwich Airport can address these concerns?

Melanie Eversfield
15th September 2017