Clerk's Report 10th October to 13th November 2017

Policies and Procedures
The office has produced folders of procedures for all job roles to ensure smooth transitioning of workload whenever it may be needed (Deputy Clerk folder still outstanding).
The office is in the process of producing some policies on tree management, procurement, reserves and a maintenance plan for assets owned by the Council.

Highways and various matters
Complaint has been received regarding the stinging nettles adjacent to the bus stop opposite Appleacres. This has been reported.
Hedge by the allotments on Spixworth Road has been cut.
Correspondence has been received from Norfolk Constabulary regarding the restructuring and removal of PCSO (copy attached).
Correspondence has been received regarding Old Catton bus service (copy attached).
Motorbike was set on fire on 2nd November at Oakfield Gardens close to the new bench. This was reported to BDC who are responsible for Oakfield Gdns – the motorbike was immediately removed. The path has undergone some damage and the Clerk’s office remains in contact with BDC regarding this.
SAM2 Traffic Report No.14 for Proctor Road is attached. SAM2 data has now been installed and downloaded to the Deputy Clerk’s laptop. Mr Honess and Ms Vincent are currently considering the next location for the SAM2 to be installed.

Council Responsibilities
The two benches for the War Memorial have been installed.
Organisation of the Chairman’s reception is under way.
Work for the re-alignment of the boundary fence commenced on 30th October. One post remains outstanding and we are chasing the contractor to complete this job.

Community Speed Watch Scheme – training of volunteers will take place on 16th November. Correspondence from a member of the public has been received requesting St Faiths Rd/Fifers Lane junction location be considered as part of the scheme.
Parish Partnership Scheme: DEADLINE 17th DECEMBER 2017 – proposal for bus shelter, VAS and Wig Wag purchases as part of the Parish Partnership Scheme attached to this report. Additional request from the public that a TROD be installed from Priors Drive to link with the Lodge Lane/Woodham Leas TROD has been received. The Clerk has written to BDC to ask their opinion of a TROD installation and whether they would contribute towards the costs.
Grow Your Community – the Clerk and Chairman met with James Dunne (BDC) to discuss the possibility of hosting a Grow Your Community event. It was concluded that the clerk would produce a survey (copy attached) asking public opinion on whether the parish could benefit from such an event and what information the parish would like to see there. Notice of survey was included in the Newsletter and posted on the website and social media. Hard copies are available in the Clerk’s office. To date there have been six responses.
Quote for Asbestos Management Survey has been obtained. This is in conjunction with our Risk Assessments to ensure that we are managing asbestos correctly – it is currently unclear whether there is asbestos on the premises. Approval for quote of £425.00 is required.
To consider Clerk’s office opening times during the Christmas/New Year period
The list of Old Catton societies/groups/organisations has now been added to the website. Fee for this work was £84.00.

The Clerk has ensured that:
• the wages October along with the monthly Tax and NI contributions and pension contributions were processed,
• the VAT return was completed,
• the offices planning database is up to date,
• the Council’s website, Facebook page and Twitter page is up to date,
• the Council’s Freedom of Information Publication Scheme is up to date,
• the Council’s Health and Safety records are up to date.
• the Clerk’s folder of procedures is current and up to date.

Peninsula Business Services: -

The Clerk has been in contact with Peninsula on a number of occasions this month to seek assistance and advise with regard to the vacancies and resignations of office staff. They have provided the council with a lot of information and double-checked documentation before it has gone public to ensure that the Council complies with relevant employment law and does not discriminate in any way.

The online Health and Safety app has also been used on a number of occasions to deal with any health and safety items that are either outstanding or in need of an update.

Produced by Melanie Eversfield, Clerk to Old Catton Parish Council