Update - Repton Avenue to Meteor Close link road

The following notification on the Repton Avenue to Meteor Close link road has been received from Norfolk County Council:

"Following feedback and conversations with the local County Councillor, Karen Vincent, the County Council has put the proposals for the possible link from Repton Avenue to Meteor Close on hold until later in 2018. The reasons for this decision are:


- To allow time to review the impact of completion of the Northern Distributor Road and to assess the monitoring data, which is planned to be completed in the Autumn of 2018. In particular this will consider any changes to traffic using Fifers Lane and the existing industrial estate access.


- To further assess the timing and scope of wider proposals from developers in relation to the delivery of the planned east-west link road and associated housing.


- Allow more time to further assess access arrangements to the industrial estate and consider options depending on future use proposals.


This provides a period to reflect on the access arrangements and the County Council will provide a further review of this project later in 2018, and will provide details of any planned consultation following this".