Clerk’s Report - 12th July 2017 to 14th August 2017

Volunteer’s for the Community Speed Watch Scheme have now been sourced and verified and specific sites have been approved. We are now awaiting volunteer training.

Re-painting of the tennis/netball courts are due to take place at the end of August. The office is liaising with the relevant sports groups to ensure that play is interrupted as little as possible.

The new basket swing has been ordered for the Over 9’s Play Area and will be installed as soon as possible.

The new bench for Swansgate has been ordered and we are awaiting Broadland District Council to install it at its own cost.

The memorial bench, located nearest to the MUGA, has now been re-installed. The Council’s insurance would cover any accidents that may take place so long as the adequate health and safety measures have been followed.

The Pavilion has seen an increase in hirers as Lucy has been offering this room to any prospective hirers of Hayman Lodge when the Lodge is fully booked.

The Clerk will be arranging a meeting with an Officer of Broadland District Council and the Chairman of Old Catton Parish Council for the end of August regarding the Grow Your Community Scheme.

An Officer from Broadland District Council has requested a meeting with the Clerk regarding street lighting within Old Catton. The Clerk will be meeting with the Officer in the coming weeks.

The office is producing folders of procedures for all job roles to ensure smooth transitioning of workload whenever it may be needed.

The office is also producing a record of what is kept in the Archives and filing cabinets for ease of access and use.

The Clerk has ensured that:
• the offices planning database is up to date,
• the wages for July along with the monthly Tax and NI contributions were processed,
• the quarterly VAT Return has been submitted to HMRC for April to June,
• that the Airport Masterplan Consultation is well advertised within the Parish,
• enquiries from the external auditor for the end of year accounts for 2016/2017 are answered,
• the yearly Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) has taken place,
• the Council’s Freedom of Information Publication Scheme is up to date,
• the Clerk’s folder of procedures is current and up to date,
• the Council’s website is up to date.

Peninsula Business Services: -
Peninsula emailed me 8 times during the month reminding me of Health and Safety tasks that need completing.
I have used the HR online system to log staff holiday requests and appointments in this period.
Peninsula have emailed me regarding improving gender equality in the workplace, mental health in the workplace and abolishment of tribunal fees.
Peninsula have sent me emails regarding Webinar training that is free of charge to existing clients and I am therefore booked onto the following webinars: -
• 4th August at 12.30pm – Managing Social Media Use in your Organisation
• 9th August at 12.30pm – Health & Safety: Display Screen Equipment & Office Safety
• 14th August at 2.00pm – Demystifying Statutory Sick Pay
• 14th September at 12.30pm – Understanding Annual Leave Entitlements

Produced by Melanie Eversfield, Clerk to Old Catton Parish Council