Old Catton Minutes

Old Catton Parish Council has a number of responsibilities within the Parish. These include looking after the recreation grounds in Church Street and Lavaré Park, including the two pavilions, football and cricket pitches, tennis courts, bowling-green and children's play areas. The Council also looks after most of the street lighting, notice boards, bus shelters, village sign, church-yard, war memorial and cemetery.

A full Parish Council meeting takes place on the second Monday of the month in the Pavilion on Church Street Recreation Ground at 7pm. It is at this meeting that members of the public are invited to contribute views, comments and suggestions.


The new Local Council Award Scheme was launched by Norfolk Association of Local Councils (NALC) in January 2015.  With the creation of the new award, any Council holding the Quality Parish Status was invited to change their award to Foundation Award, the Clerk undertook enrolment and Old Catton Parish Council are currently at Foundation Award level.
There are three levels of the new award – level one Foundation, level two Quality and level three Gold.
quality parish status