Are you interested in joining Old Catton Parish Council?

Old Catton Parish Council serves a population of 6,100 people (Census 2011). There are x13 Councillors who represent the entire Parish. The Parish Council is responsible for setting the annual precept and these funds are used to provide Parish services, including the Recreation Ground, the Cemetery, Lavaré Park, bus stops, street lighting, Catton Park, Deer Park, the War Memorial and the maintenance of the closed churchyard, green space at Woodham Leas, various bus shelters, x8 noticeboards around the Parish and the Village Sign. Additionally, the Council undertakes the highway verge cutting via an agency agreement with Norfolk County Council.

A Councillor is a member of the Council and is normally elected for a term of four years. People of any political or religious persuasion are eligible to become a Councillor, although their personal views should not extend into their Parish Council work.  Next election will take place in May 2027 and all Parish Councillors will go through an election process.  If there are any vacancies following election individuals can be co-opted onto the Council instead.

Becoming a Parish Councillor is a rewarding and valued form of public service.

All Councillors contribute to the work of the Parish Council by:

• Having a say about the things they care about;
• Putting forward ideas for better services;
• Responding to the needs and views of parishioners;
• Seeking the best outcome to local issues;
• Getting involved in decision making;
• Helping to make Old Catton a better place to live;

The Parish Council normally meet on the second Monday of the month, meetings commence at 6.30pm at The Pavilion, Recreation Ground, Church Street. Old Catton. Councillors are expected to attend meetings on a regular basis.  These are public meetings and perspective councillors are welcome to attend.

You can read about the forthcoming election process on the Electoral Commission website

If you are interested in becoming a Councillor please contact the Clerk's office for more information.


The Role of a Councillor

Councillors are elected to represent the interests of the local parish and the people who live in it. The number of elected Councillors depends on the size of the area. In Old Catton we have 13 Councillors.
Local Councils are the first tier of governance and are the first point of contact for anyone concerned with a community issue. In order to understand and represent local views and priorities, you need to build strong relationships and encourage local people to make their views known and engage with you and the Council. Good communication and engagement are central to being an effective Councillor.
As a Councillor you will have many different roles to balance. As a local elected representative, you will engage with residents and groups on a wide range of different issues. At the Council you will contribute to the development of policies and strategies, including budget setting and you may be involved in scrutinising Council decisions or taking decisions on planning or licensing applications.
Councillors must abide by a Code of Conduct; a set of rules on how Councillors are expected to behave. They must also declare their pecuniary (financial) interests in the parish.
Being a Parish Councillor can be an interesting and rewarding experience.


  Clerk of the Council, The Parish Council Office, The Pavilion, Recreation Ground, Church Street, Old Catton NR6 7DS

  (01603) 423880

  Emergencies Only -
  (01603) 483976

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Opening Hours

The Parish Council office is open from:

10.00 - 14.00hrs Monday to Friday

Catton Park
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